• Dez Bryant

He proposed to me!!!!!!

Oh!!! My!!! God!!! I remember this day like it was yesterday! On October 19th, 2019 my life changed forever. Almost every girl dreams of the day her man pops the BIG question and ask for her hand in holy matrimony, and I was no different. I've always dreamed of the day someone's son would love me enough to ask me to be his wife, So this day was HUGE for me.

So when Jaylen and I first met, I poured my heart out about my beliefs and where I stood concerning relationships/marriage. I believe that every romantic relationship should be entered into with the end goal of marriage. So if he and I were gonna get into a romantic relationship, we both had to be on the same page. I had no idea that a year into meeting and dating we would have gotten engaged. Y'all my mind was blown.

In August he gave me a budget and we started shopping around for engagement rings (TALK ABOUT EXCITED LOL). I am not a high maintenance person so within a couple of weeks I found the perfect ring. I knew the proposal was coming but WHEN was it going to happen? I was so anxious and curious about when it was going to happen and how was he going to do it. So, me being the person that I am, I started trying to predict when it was going to happen (I'm sure all my ladies would have done the same lol). Jaylen and I had already planned a cruise with my family for October so I just knew it was going to happen on the cruise. I thought I had him all figured out. Who wouldn't want to get proposed to on a cruise to the Bahamas. That's the perfect place to propose right ?? I told all of my friends he was going to propose on the cruise but little did I know he had different plans.

He decided to propose to me at one of his concerts which was being held in my hometown Milwaukee, WI. For those who don't know my husband, he is a musician that plays for the gospel artist Todd Dulaney. Somehow he had our families on board for keeping the secret. He invited all of my family out for a night of worship, I had no idea that his family was going to drive up from Kentucky to worship with us. He played it so good because his family was in town , at the concert and I didn't see them (at all lol) . I was in the middle of worshipping and praying for people and all of a sudden I heard my parents call my name telling me that Todd was calling me on stage for prayer.

I was completely confused about why they wanted me to walk all the way on the stage to get prayer. If you know me then you know I am very introverted and I do not like the spotlight on me. Walking up on the stage for them to pray over me was completely out of my comfort zone. I wasn't looking to see Jaylen I was only focused on one thing, and that was to hurry and get this prayer over with lol. Soon after the prayer I turned around and BOOM.. Jaylen was waiting for me right in front of the stage. Y'all at that moment my heart dropped and I knew it was about to happen. All I remember was crying so bad that I was cramping in my stomach from so much excitement. I didn't hear anything he said except those four words I had been patiently waiting to hear him say for months. "Will you marry me?"

It was so special to me because I was completely shocked and overwhelmed with joy that our family and some friends were there to experience a once in a lifetime moment with us.

This moment was way beyond what I could have imagined. And I will always remember this day. Shout out to my wonder husband for this cherish able memory.

You really did your thing!

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