• Dez Bryant

Dear My younger self

Dear my younger self,


First and foremost, I want you to know that you are completely loved. There's nothing you can do to separate yourself from the love God has for you.

Please be patient with yourself and allow yourself to develop in ways you have never even imagined. Everything that God has for you will be manifested over time.

There is no need for you to put so much pressure on yourself that you become so fixated on what your future holds. Enjoy the special moments of the present.

You will be more than you have ever dreamed. Many doors of opportunity will be open for you if you just stay the course and love yourself throughout this journey of life.

No one is perfect and there is no need for you to try to be perfect at everything, because the lives of many people will be changed from your imperfections.

Keep pushing, keep working, keep dreaming, keep being passionate and motivated. Dreams are made to come true.

Know who you are and what you stand for and stick to being true to yourself. No one can be you better than you can.

There will be people along the way that will try to make you doubt who you are, but honey no one else's opinion of you matters more than your own.

Believe in all that God has made you to be. Remember you were made in His image and His creation is beautiful.

Know that your life is more than athletics. You are more than an athlete. You were placed on this Earth to be, first, a follower of Christ Jesus, and to bring hope and encouragement to others. Don’t limit yourself to just athletics. Although it is a huge part of your life, I encourage you to explore more of the interesting aspects of who you are.

I wouldn’t be real if I didn’t tell you that you will face obstacles and difficult circumstances in your life. But you are an overcomer. You will rise above every obstacle that interferes with all that you will become.

These obstacles are meant for your growth. They weren't meant to destroy you, so don't despise them, embrace them.

Remember who you are. You are strong, more than a conqueror, a fighter, victorious, a winner, a champion. You will prosper in all that you do. You're beautiful, confident, and also an inspiration to all people.


You are one who will win in every aspect of life, so get ready and prepare yourself for a lifelong journey of evolving.



Dez Bryant      

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